Features of Food Ordering System

Main features of FoodChow - Food Ordering Software

FoodChow is the only solution which is built as a food ordering portal or marketplace, along with white label food ordering system for restaurant owners. We believe if we give best solution to hospitality business owners, they will be able to take control of their own businesses.

1. Take Away Ordering

The take away ordering is a win-win solution for restaurant owners and customers. Restaurant owners get paid in advance, they save lot of time as they don’t have to take manual orders over the phone which can even cause errors and confusion. Customers don’t have to wait for the restaurant to answer the phone or ask the pickup time. They can simply go on to the website, see the menu, and place the order for the time they'd like to pick their food. This solution has helped restaurant owners in increase their sales as they don’t miss a single order when the phone is occupied during busy hours.

2. Pre-Orders

Many customers like to pre plan their meal and be organized. These customers mostly plan in advance. The pre-order option in FoodChow allows customers to place orders days or weeks in advance. This feature is helpful to restaurant owners in knowing what they need to keep in stock for that particular date.

3. Catering Orders

Many restaurant owners provide catering or party orders at a discounted rate. Somehow, they don’t have any tool to showcase this to the potential customers. FoodChow Catering ordering system allows them to publish a separate menu for discounted pricing for bulk orders. Example of catering orders is Meal for 20 people, including 1 Starter, 1 main course and 1 dessert at $599.

4. Scan & Order

We have developed a very innovative table ordering android app to allow customers to place order via smartphone. This solution will help restaurant owners earn thousands of dollars as there'll be no need of order taking staff. This innovative help customers to order from their phone when they are ready, and help restaurant owners in acquiring their customers' valuable information.

5. Unique Webpage

Why spend thousands of dollars in building a website, when you get a unique webpage on FoodChow Food Ordering Portal without any unwanted advertisements. Showcase your menu, items, gallery, amenities. and not just a webpage, you even get online table reservation service and online ordering solution for your customers. With the unique webpage, your customers can contact you directly.

6. Social Media Sharing

Want to secure more customers and traffic? Don’t look any further! Start sharing your webpage on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media networks with our powerful social media marketing tool for restaurants.

7. Search Engine Optimization

Having a Website that ranks high in search engines is valuable. The first step in SEO is to have a good website which is built based on the most recent SEO rules and recommendations. FoodChow SEO friendly website makes sure your webpage is easily discovered in Google and other search engines, resulting into more traffic and sales for your business.

8. Combo Deals

One of the big success factors for large food chains like McDonalds is Combo Deals. We have built this feature to empower your business to increase your bottom line.

9. Real Time Offers

There are hundreds of websites and tools out there for online delivery and food ordering, but what about tool which can drive customers into your restaurant. FoodChow real time offers system allows you to run limited time and limited quantity offer for dine in and take away customers during off peak hours. This way you will be able to increase more sales and acquire more customers.

10. Connect with Customers

Our solution allows you to connect with your customers directly without any middle man. This way you can give the right and best information to your customers and can build your own loyal customer base.

11. Instant Payments

Tired of waiting for the payment for weeks from third party delivery portal? The payment gateway integration feature of FoodChow allows you to get instant payment from your customers, avoiding any spam or unsolicited orders.

  • Smoother Payment with more Accountability
  • No Extra Charges to Bank
  • Get Paid Directly to Your Account (Merchant Account)
12. Table Reservation

The unique and innovative table reservation feature of FoodChow allows restaurant owners to take booking without payment or with minimum payment. The minimum payment according to number of people allows restaurants to make sure the customer comes on time and there is a cancellation fee if they don’t show up. This way the restaurant owners are able to make maximum sales during pick hours and customers can plan in advance and don’t have to wait during weekends.


More Features which will put FoodChow out of the crowd from other Online Food Ordering Systems...

Maximize your business potential through increased exposure to hungry customer

  • List Your Restaurant for FREE
  • Get Unique URL
  • Increase Visibility to Food Lovers
Customizable Design

Foodchow is providing Customizable Design to every Restaurant Owner registered with Foodchow.

  • Easy to setup your Own Domain with Own Logo, Design & Branding
  • No HTML or Web Design Knowledge Required
Easy To Use & Low Cost

To start your Restaurant Business online is very easy with Foodchow. Just Few Minutes and you are ready to start..

  • Fast and Easy to Setup
  • Start Ordering in Minutes
  • No Technical Expertise Required
  • Easy Pricing
Delivery Methods

Foodchow Providing more than one Delivery Method options to Restaurant Owners and Users. Restaurant Owner can provide any or all Delivery Methods among them and also Customer can choose any delivery method to have their food.

  • Delivery
  • Take Away/Pick Up
  • Dine In
Analytics & Reports

Foodchow is also providing facility to have different reports.

  • Keep track of your Sales
  • Revenue Generation for the particular fields including ordering trends
  • Predictive Analysis Reports and Graphs for managing future sales to increase business value
Instant App Creation

Ordering System comes with integrated mobile app which can be run easily on android and IOS platform. Easy and friendly mobile interface makes it convenient for customer through smartphone.

  • Get Market ready IOS and Android App in 3 Weeks
  • Technical Knowledge is not required
Customer Support

All customer issues, complaints, queries & technical issues are handled by our support team.

Reach to our support team 24*7 and we will proactively monitor issues.

  • Mass Mailer
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media